If I could just remember

If I could just remember where I put my glasses down;
What the names are of our neighbours, who’ve just moved into town;
That job I said I ought to do, that’s slipped my absent mind;
That bill I’m sure I haven’t paid, but somehow cannot find.

Yes, glorious days in childhood past, and loves first golden glow.
These things remain: the memories last.
Important things just go.

If I could just remember where I last put down my keys.
Instead my thoughts are of the sun, and far off azure seas.
I dream of when we cycled once from France to Finisterre.
I still can’t find my wretched keys. I KNOW I put them there.

The day I climbed the Pyrenees,
And when I crossed the Alps on skiis.
Those memories they do not fade,
But things I do from day to day,
That memory just goes away.
I can’t remember yesterday.
I must be getting old and grey.

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