March Wind

The March winds are whining that summer time is near
Such cold and bitter whining lest winter disappear.
For the trees are all a-greening and the daffodils are bright,
And the sun comes early rising and is shortening the night.

Oh, Let those March winds have their say, and let them blast their cold,
But let us all enjoy the day for winter's growing old.
Yes winter's past its bitter worst and spring is in our breath,
The snowdrop's flowered, the lilac's bloomed, there's primrose on the heath.

Yes spring is in the very light, the sap is on the rise.
And in the fields the young lambs bound. Nature harmonised.
So blow you March winds. Blow your worst.
Your time has run its course.
Gone soon the cold and darkness cursed
For summer's reached its source.

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