Never mind the global warming

Never mind the global warming.
I wonder if they are right.
There’s skiing every year in Scotland
So the change is very slight.

There’s acid rain and careless farming,
Housing where it floods,
But we can’t be sure the earth is warming
Nor see the trees for woods.

There’s nitrate in the drinking water,
No space in town for cars.
People killed we give no thought for,
Anger in the bars.

There’s neighbour baiting next door neighbour,
Countries fall apart.
Complaints, although we got what’s paid for,
And some very doubtful art.

There’s death from aids and malnutrition,
And endless civil wars.
Children who are bruised and beaten,
And some must live outdoors.

There is murder, rape, disease, abortion.
And out in space exploding stars.
But we can’t be sure the world is warmer,
And we do not know the cause.

The sea is rising by the minute
But certainly not here.
The sea here has not raised a fraction.
No. Not in 20 years.

The truth is like a Spanish Proverb,
And that is no surprise,
It depends the bias of your vision
Should you see truth or lies.

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