Self Justification

I think I've heard it all before,
The justifying cause, intelligence they saw.
The old excuses all came tripping off the tongue
Like taped alternatives, each one by one.
I think I heard.

They justified it all as if it might
By all their reasoning turn wrong to right.
So in the end they thought that black was white,
And they could make clear day from night.
I think I heard.

"Of course" they said "the bastard had to go.
Last time was wrong. We were too slow,
And now whatever anyone might say
We'll do it soon and have our day."
I think I heard.

But then the world is strange. How things turn out
Is not as once we thought they would.
Although we thought they'd fight, there was a rout.
So now we have a chance to turn an evil act to good.
I think I've heard it all before.

Written on the invasion of Iraq.

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