Sing to Me

Oh, Sing to me
Before the joy of love is tarnished
Sing to me
before the dimming of the years
Oh Sing to me
Whilst sunshine fills my waking moments
And sing to me,
Before our life be drowned in tears.

Sing to me
That love must always rest triumphant.
And sing to me
To drive away all thoughts of war
Sing to me
To lift my heart beyond the heavens
And sing to me
Lest I forget the melody of joy.

Sing to me
For in the song is hope remembered.
And sing to me
To tell me of the love you bring.
Sing to me
For in the song is sorrow banished,
And tell me now
Of all your love, in what you sing.

For Worlds can end,
And all the starlight fade,
And mighty wars are fought,
Empires destroyed and made.
But still these words shall be
Sung for eternity,
Of love that you and me
Forever share.

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