Technical assistance

“Thank you” said the lady
With a well trained courteous voice
“Right now there is noone ready,
But stand by to make a choice.

Press one to ask for billing
For technical press two.
Then endlessly keep waiting
Till we get around to you.

We’ll play you silly music
Then repeat ourselves again,
Until we can be certain
That you feel you’ve called in vain.

Someone will answer when at last
You’ve upped and gone away,
Then hang up the phone so fast
That you can't talk to us today.

For I’m the silly tape machine
That prattles on and on
With the same old silly message
And the same old silly song.

Now please press one for billing
And for Technical press two.
And if there’s another problem
Then we cannot talk to you.
We’ll drive you round in circles,
But we cannot talk to you."

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