The English Teacher

She says to read more poems
as if a wand would wave
and fine words then flow
to fill the heart and air with
sentiments that otherwise
might lay unsaid, then lost
in the clutter of our busy lives.

The feelings felt, the burning and the anger too;
or warm emotions brought by closet love;
or new achievements by the family and friends we have,
could pass, as passes all, but faster than needs be.
For without those words our memories
can be too brief or worse:
corrupted by the passing time
and careless repetition of the tale,
become distrusted or discarded
in the dust of life,
then lost.

But no, my talent lives or dies,
despite those thoughts
That others hold or write,
upon my own imagination
and on nothing else;
or plagiarism is the risk,
subconscious may it be, as
words are formed and on re-reading
speak of others, not of me.

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