The silver spoon

How little then I noticed what I had,
The villa and the 13 bedroom pad.
The tennis we could play upon the lawn,
The rose-beds which another grass adorned.

The warm spring days when servants brought us tea,
Beneath the blossom of the cherry tree.
The endless summers when we partied on,
And never thought of what is right or wrong.
And so by birthright's casual chance
I passed my youth in bliss and ignorance.

There was no malice in this pleasant life.
I played and courted, and I met my wife.
I understood the poor were crass and stupid too
And we were God's anointed few.

Ah, time; how well your lesson now is taught
That I am not superior as I thought,
And sometimes cleverer by far
Might be the one who's valeting my car.

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