The Trouble

The Trouble”, said the wise man,
“Is, they always get it wrong.
The Government, the pundit and the sage.
They seem to latch on some idea
And the Press will push it on,
Until it has become the current rage.”

The world is always changing
And all our worries too.
At present Global warming's in the news.
But as recently as yesterday,
(As the 70’s seem to me,)
We were certain we were just about to freeze.

Then we worried that the food,
As things at that time stood,
Would never meet a third of Human need.
Instead we’re burning cows,
And sheep and deer and sows,
Whilst Doctors are concerned about our greed.

There’s surplus food in India,
Where they starved not long ago.
And the people of the west are all too fat.
There are lakes of wine in Europe,
And we can’t eat all we sow,
But something’s wrong, we can be sure of that.

Now supranational business
Is the public enemy.
They are thought to have a plot to rule the world.
It is true that nothing’s perfect
In this shrinking world of ours.
And one wonders when will Justice ever reign.
But we’re making steady progress,
(Which man’s greed too often sours,)
And the world is getting better just the same.

So relax in life enjoy it,
For our time is very short,
And the Universe is stronger than we know.
Just be kind to one another,
to you're sister and your brother
Then you'll always tend to reap the good you sow.

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