There is no Dark

There is no dark, there is no light
There is no wrong, there is no right
Without the Will of God.
There are no hills, no sky that’s blue,
There are no trees, nor thought that’s true
Without the Will of God

There are no stars in heaven above,
No warmth, no cold, no pain, no love.
No sun, no moon, no Universe
No music, blessing, joy or curse
Without the Will of God.

So, as we stand upon our pride
And let our anger drive us wild,
Instead let hurt and pain subside,
And think of that new infant child
Born to a mankind which defied
The Power and Will of God.

That Power, that Will which gives all life
Came as a babe to a joiner's wife,
Born beside goats and the cows in a shed,
And laid in a feeder which served as a bed.
Then killed with the thieves where all could see.
All this God did for you and me.
For such is the Will of God.

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