Village Halls

In Village Halls are local balls
With merry widows dancing,
And younger groups have drunken brawls
And couples first romancing.

In daytime sports and games are played
Then children come and things are made;
And women’s groups may hear a talk
On far off lands or mountain walk.
In village Halls

On Wednesday here they country dance
On Monday carpet bowls.
On Tuesday children roller blade
And once a year Christ’s birth is played
In village halls.

There’s five aside and badminton,
A string quartet or “Pop-group-One”.
There’s someone comes to sell cheap clothes.
(Noone admits to wearing those.)
In village halls

There is opera from time to time,
And singing groups, and plays in rhyme.
The pipe band comes when it is wet
There’s all of that and much more yet.
In village halls.

In village halls plays village life,
The farmer and the farmer’s wife,
The art shows and the scones with tea.
It all means village life to me
In village halls.

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