Where are the snows of yesteryear

Where are the snows of yesteryear?
They come from time to time yet disappear
As spring mysteriously melts the ice.
Until last night I'd thought not twice
About this strange phenomenon.
Which had been always going on.

However last year when I went to ski
The snow was absent from the piste.
Was this a sign or could it be
That there is something I have missed?

Was this a passing variance?
Related to the merest chance?
Or could it be a pointer, warning
Of a thing called global warming?
Caused, I'm told by me and you
Both breathing out this C02.

Less people in the world I'm sure
Would make for this a lasting cure.
Less people, horses, cows and cars.
The place could soon be cold as Mars.
So volunteer you good and Brave
Make sure you reach an early grave.

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