The things I thought I knew,
Until cold fact denied their truth.
Achievements seem so few.
Conceited careless youth
Let slip the golden chance
And idly let the world drift by
With casual choices, where and why,
So all became a fruitless empty dance.

Now with advancing years we feel the blight.
The man one should have been.
The times one chose the wrong, not right.
The things I should have seen;
These clutter in the mind at night
When wakefully I toss the hours
And seek to justify the black as white
Whilst so much seems beyond my powers.

And yet…. and yet I am
Beyond these plaints
A well respected man
Whose life is held as competent,
As perfect as one can
Expect within the frame
Of life’s strange ways.
A father to my children,
A husband to my wife.
Whatever else may be
That is the glory of my life.

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