Underneath the surface

Just scratch a bit the surface
And what you’ll find is shit.
While the summer day is gentle
And beneath the shade we sit,
Or the mists wind gently round one
In the cool autumnal air.
So much is love and beauty;
So much is soft and fair,
But just scratch a bit the surface
And there’s much that’s wrong out there.

There’s greed and graft, and horror
And cruelty and lust
And the summer sunshine’s passing,
And we all return to dust.
There’s winter round the corner,
And the news is full of crap,
Of someone’s cheating partner,
Or that politician chap,
Who has fraudulent expenses,
Or done something rather bad
In the toilets with a victim
Who was really just a lad.
But we, each of us, have failings,
And sometimes add our bit
So that, scratch a bit the surface,
And always you find shit.

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