Lonely Places

Lonely Places

Collection of Poems by Richard Stead

A collection of poems showing the authors keen eye for the more absurd aspects of life, but also his concen for the deeper issues of war and violence. The villanelle "Omagh" and the powerful "Just War" move and shock, whilst "Early Spring" and "Lonely Places" evoke a clear image of life in the Western Highlands of Scoland.

"I was very impressed. I read your poem to my wife and family, a good test, and was struck by how fine it was for reading aloud"
Dr John Marenbon, Dept English, Cambridge University

"The poem was excellent - full of insight, evoking a sense of (the) cruelty, pain and waste of war, and capturing with wistful resignation, the eternal struggle between idealism and experience that remains part of our human condition"
Jennifer Watson


Compositions by Richard Stead, including the songs marked in the list of poems, can be seen and are available at They can be heard as well, albeit in an electronic reproduction, if you download  Scorch, available on that website free of charge.